I am a libertarian. Libertarianism is the belief that we own our selves and that no one may force us against our will to make us do things or not do things with our selves or our legitimate property. The reason why actions like murder, rape, theft, are ethically evil is because they violate the property rights of the individual; they require that the invading party must force the innocent party to surrender their self or their property against their will. You can take a look at my An Introduction to Libertarianism for a more detailed analysis of property rights and their political implications.

I am a capitalist. I believe that property rights are the logical basis and framework of all free markets and voluntary exchanges among people. I am specific about defining capitalism simply as voluntary exchange, because many people mistake our current political environment in the US as “capitalism”. The economic system we have now can be more accurately called at best “crony capitalism” and at worst “fascism” or “corporatism” whereby companies subvert the government and pass laws which enable them to destroy their competition and create enormous, monolithic, monopolistic corporation and whereby the great mass of wealth accrues to the rich who control those agencies. This would not be possible in a truly free market of “unfettered” capitalism the like of which would instantly bring about a much more egalitarian distribution of wealth, not due to the use of force and of income redistribution by government agencies, but simply due to the spontaneous and normal workings of an economic system based on property rights, production, and exchange.

Libertarian Capitalists believe in total freedom and the non-initiation of violence. We are so adamant about the non-initiation of violence that we apply it universally to all people and at all times. We believe that this is the true path to not only heal the major conflicts of the world and bring about world peace but also to usher forward to the world a new age of prosperity the like of which could not be even be imagined in our wildest dreams. We have only a taste of what is to come of that world with the wealth we currently experience, itself only due to the limited history of capitalism in it’s less than 300 years of existence and only in the limited areas that it has been allowed to function.

Please join me on this journey to explore what freedom means through our investigation of and the application of libertarian principles to classical fiction, books and movies among other essays I’ve written.

In Liberty,