Book Reviews

Red Rising

Pierce Brown It’s easy to read the first book in the Red Rising series and dismiss it as “just another hunger games”. It feels very similar; a young man named Darrow lives a harsh, totalitarian society built around slavery ruled by the higher, elite classes… Read More »Red Rising

The 1619 Project

The 1619 project is a recent set of articles published by the New York Times. Several of the articles were written by academic scholars, but I want to focus on the article by Nikole Hannah-Jones as the first article in the series and the headliner and the flaws and biases on full display in her writing.

Fathers and Sons

This book is a wonderful story of love, family, and ideas. Turgenev was banned from Russia partially for writing this book. While the story of love and a son venturing out on his own and figuring out his own path are excellently told albeit politically benign, there is a lot of talk among the characters about society, wealth/class, and the newly formed peasant class in Russia which was unpleasant for the gilded elite at the time.

Crime and Punishment

This book is one of the most acclaimed books in literature history, and it’s not hard to see why. The intensity of the writing, the passion and depth of the characters, and the mystery and intrigue of the plot all weave together into an incredible story.