Contagious Diseases and the State

Disease, viruses, and other contagious medical disasters have been a major concern for humanity. Throughout history, we have experienced such terrifying events as the black plague wiping out 75 to 200 million people. What can we do?

How do we actually kill jobs?

Rakkur There was a recent speech in which Jesse Jackson, Democratic Congressman from Illinois, focused on a recent technological advancement concerning flat, touchscreen monitors which have computers and which allow users to go online, read books, run applications, and otherwise increase their enjoyment and productivity.… Read More »How do we actually kill jobs?

The Paradox of Trade

Rakkur I think a lot of the misunderstandings about the market and human behavior stem from a misconception of what’s called the “paradox of exchange”. This paradox has puzzled economists throughout the ages. Adam Smith and all the classical economists, incredibly important as their contributions… Read More »The Paradox of Trade