TV Show Reviews

Squid Games

Hwang Dong-hyuk Squid Games was a fascinating, yet gruesome, look at the problem of consumer debt. When people get into massive debt, they become desperate to absolve themselves of it; in this case, they become desperate enough to engage in violent games where they are… Read More »Squid Games

Anne with an E

Multiple Directors This show is just plain excellent. The characters are emotional, passionate, and deeply developed. There’s so many scenes that are so sad or so happy beyond words, and Anne’s vocabulary and way of thinking and speaking is powerful and endearing. “[Here] the State… Read More »Anne with an E

Westworld S3

HBO, Jonathan Nolan Westworld Season 3 changes dramatically from the first 2 seasons. Gone are the dust bowl ridden, western Cowboy and Indian gunslinger storylines. Enter the real world: a slick, futuristic technological paradise in which all your dreams come true, or maybe not. This… Read More »Westworld S3

Westworld S1-2

At first glance, Westworld is just another Jurassic Park rehash: man builds a theme park with robots, robots go crazy and start attacking people, chaos ensues. Yet, the first episode makes it abundantly clear that there is a philosophical depth and grand complexity to this psychological thriller that makes this show stand out in the crowd.