Modern Action

Squid Games

Hwang Dong-hyuk Squid Games was a fascinating, yet gruesome, look at the problem of consumer debt. When people get into massive debt, they become desperate to absolve themselves of it; in this case, they become desperate enough to engage in violent games where they are… Read More »Squid Games

Westworld S3

HBO, Jonathan Nolan Westworld Season 3 changes dramatically from the first 2 seasons. Gone are the dust bowl ridden, western Cowboy and Indian gunslinger storylines. Enter the real world: a slick, futuristic technological paradise in which all your dreams come true, or maybe not. This… Read More »Westworld S3

Westworld S1-2

At first glance, Westworld is just another Jurassic Park rehash: man builds a theme park with robots, robots go crazy and start attacking people, chaos ensues. Yet, the first episode makes it abundantly clear that there is a philosophical depth and grand complexity to this psychological thriller that makes this show stand out in the crowd.